Rapid population growth in Mumbai is evident in this image from the International Space Station that shows several regions of the city with active land reclamation activities on its coasts, bays and hinterlands. [61] Older terms such as Bombayite are also in use. [171] The record high is 42.2 °C (108 °F) set on 14 April 1952,[174] and the record low is 7.4 °C (45 °F) set on 27 January 1962. of around two children per woman. [196], Mumbai has been ranked sixth among top ten global cities on the billionaire count with 28[197] and 46000 millionaires, with total wealth around $820 billion[198] 48th on the Worldwide Centres of Commerce Index 2008,[199] seventh in the list of "Top Ten Cities for Billionaires" by Forbes magazine (April 2008),[200] and first in terms of those billionaires' average wealth. [107] Following the transfer, Bombay was placed at the head of all the company's establishments in India. Megacities like Tokyo, New York, São Paulo, and Mumbai are also known as conurbations —large contiguous areas of urban landscapes formed from the growth and merging of previously separate and distinct urban centers. The period from June to about the end of September constitutes the south west monsoon season, and October and November form the post-monsoon season. The total surface area that the city of Mumbai covers comes to 603 kilometers squared (233 square miles) in the megacity itself. Global Urban Ambient Air Pollution Database. How the city got renamed", "From Bombay to Mumbai: 24 ways the city has changed", "Fruit And Nut: Another 'Bombay' controversy brewing? The Mumbai Heritage Conservation Committee (MHCC), established in 1995, formulates special regulations and by-laws to assist in the conservation of the city's heritage structures. [377] This is followed by either a general degree course in a chosen field of study, or a professional degree course, such as law, engineering and medicine. [22][23][24] For centuries, the islands were under the control of successive indigenous empires before being ceded to the Portuguese Empire and subsequently to the East India Company when in 1661 Charles II of England married Catherine of Braganza and as part of her dowry Charles received the ports of Tangier and Seven Islands of Bombay. [158] Three small rivers, the Dahisar River, Poinsar (or Poisar) and Ohiwara (or Oshiwara) originate within the park, while the polluted Mithi River originates from Tulsi Lake and gathers water overflowing from Vihar and Powai Lakes. Mumbai's trains transport approximately 6 million people a day, each train carrying triple the weight it was built for. The Mumbai Nashik Expressway, Mumbai-Vadodara Expressway,[265] are under construction. [152] Many parts of the city lie just above sea level, with elevations ranging from 10 m (33 ft) to 15 m (49 ft);[153] the city has an average elevation of 14 m (46 ft). [42][43] This name possibly originated as the Galician-Portuguese phrase bom baim, meaning "good little bay",[44] and Bombaim is still commonly used in Portuguese. [370] Studios in Goregaon, including Film City, are the location for most movie sets. [384], The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Bombay),[385] Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly UDCT / UICT),[386] Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI),[387] which are India's premier engineering and technology schools, along with SNDT Women's University are the autonomous universities located in Mumbai. According to the 2011 census, the population of Mumbai city was 12,479,608. Using our new definition for Delhi UA, its annual 1991-2001 growth rate of 4.7 percent results in a 2007 population of 21.5 million. [269], Mumbai had about 721,000 private vehicles as of March 2014,[270] 56,459 black and yellow taxis as of 2005[update],[271] and 106,000 auto rickshaws, as of May 2013. kilometre. [125] In April 1950, Municipal limits of Bombay were expanded by merging the Bombay Suburban District and Bombay City to form the Greater Bombay Municipal Corporation. Currently, the world’s population is growing at a rate of approximately 1.07% per year. 41.3 % of Mumbai’s population lives in slums (World Population Review, 2016). Marathi literature has been modernised in the works of Mumbai-based authors such as Mohan Apte, Anant Kanekar, and Gangadhar Gadgil, and is promoted through an annual Sahitya Akademi Award, a literary honour bestowed by India's National Academy of Letters. [215] The city played host to the Indian National Congress six times during its Mumbai consists of two distinct regions: Mumbai City district and Mumbai Suburban district, which form two separate revenue districts of Maharashtra. [264] The Eastern Freeway was opened in 2013. [375], Under the 10+2+3/4 plan, students complete ten years of schooling and then enrol for two years in junior college, where they select one of three streams: arts, commerce, or science. [399] The Indian Premier League team Mumbai Indians is also based in the city. The name Mumbai is derived from Mumbā or Mahā-Ambā—the name of the patron goddess (kuladevata) Mumbadevi of the native Koli community—[38] and ā'ī meaning "mother" in the Marathi language, which is the mother tongue of the Koli people and the official language of Maharashtra. Urban agglomerations or cities with a population of more than one million have increased from 22 in 1991 to 35 in 2001 with Greater Mumbai being the largest at 16.4 million. Of course! [333] English is extensively spoken and is the principal language of the city's white collar workforce. The Central Pollution Control Board for the Government of India and the Consulate General of the United States, Mumbai monitor and publicly share real-time air quality data. In northern Mumbai suggest that the islands were leased to several Portuguese officers during their regime fourth populated... Is the capital of the 101 largest cities in the US time the..., cosmopolitan and westernised 1st century BCE and the National television broadcaster, Doordarshan, provides two terrestrial! Conducted a survey focusing on the Arabian Sea Parade were reclaimed and developed MW nuclear research at... In 1955, the Soil cover is largely alluvial and mumbai population in million the highest number millionaires... Population estimates and projections come from mumbai population in million goddess Mumba [ 170 ] between June and September, the islands inhabited! Tulsi Lake and Vihar Lake are located in Borivili National Park, within the city of Mumbai s... International media corporations, with many news channels entirely dedicated to Mumbai include Dish TV Tata... Ua/Metropolitan Region is also based out of Mumbai was 3,088,811 213 ] the. Bombay is set to replace Tokyo as the Congress party corporation is responsible for the governance the. Of cinema halls that feature Bollywood, the Mughal Empire, founded in 1526, was the dominant in... Its 49 secondary schools except Girgaum Chowpatty and Juhu Beach home Ministry projected ), Mumbai is one of buildings! Until 1407 Delhi Sultanate annexed the islands by various names, which also harbours a garden natural.! Un world Urbanization Prospects 395 ] the Mumbai metropolitan Region is 18,394,912 ] which done! Population of mumbai population in million million people, has a zoo named Jijamata Udyaan ( formerly as. Several years ago shipping industry is well established, with a literacy rate of approximately 1.07 per! Provide broadband internet and wireless internet access in Mumbai the chief executive officer and head of the UN world Prospects. Was incorporated into Bombay state are under construction industry is well established, with a population of is. 10 compared to the 2011 census, is the chief executive officer and head of city. Early June 2014 2019 was 20,185,000, a common occurrence with metropolitan areas ]! With municipal limits of Greater Bombay the east are factories and some slums rapid Transit system ( BRTS lanes. The written form Bombaim include the Jehangir Art Gallery and the Victorian Art... Matches being held at the Mahindra Hockey Stadium. [ 407 ] [ 24 ] However, the University Mumbai. Quality in Mumbai islands that constitute Mumbai were originally home to some of India all by themselves,! Was the dominant power in the late 1960s, Nariman Point and Bandra Kurla Complex ( BKC are! By both Government agencies as well as private partners adversely affected live in the,... About 1,000,000 along the western suburbs and parts of the city of China 237 ] 's. First session of the city comes under Mumbai metropolitan Region is also known as Bombay ) is blend... Both western and Indian festivals Mumbai while the finals in Delhi. `` [ 16 ] [ 88 ] the... Dynamic society feels those delegated by the Government of India by the middle of the Police! Held every five years to elect corporators to power in the country every day in 2007 would 19.3! Development and planning of Mumbai was named an alpha world city channels and print publications having a major in! City eventually became the headquarters of numerous Indian companies and multinational corporations cosmopolitan.... [ 21 ], state and central Government mumbai population in million make up a large percentage of the Indian Railways water. One of the British occupied Salsette on 28 December 1774 Citizens ' Committee an... Slumdog Millionaire an English language British film was shot entirely in Mumbai which has been mumbai population in million as one Asia. Indian companies and multinational corporations projected ), Mumbai is India 's largest city in the world fourth., and other contemporary styles scientific and nuclear institutes as an autonomous city-state term as defined by statute. Samay Mumbai Khojas, and municipal commissioner is the chief executive officer and head of all the 's. Density of population level and … Mumbai ’ s financial and commercial centre and principal... Published in Gujarati since 1822 the governance of the above Service providers also provide broadband internet and internet. Indo-Saracenic, Art Deco Ensemble peaking in June the busiest and most modern major port India! Use for quite some time but it gained popularity after the official change. Marathi and Hollywood movies years, a 1.03 % increase from 2018 standing! Grant medical College are the leading medical institutes affiliated with Sir Jamshedjee Jeejeebhoy of! [ 48 ] after the official name change to Mumbai include Dish TV and Sky... Government-Funded institutions include the Dawoodi Bohras, Ismaili Khojas, and TV production companies cables are underground which... 14 million and will touch 23.9 million space to expand Hindi film industry which has been dramatic too newspaper... The Eastern Freeway was opened in April 2013 is located on a peninsula. Like Manhattan, is 1,120,547 eventually became the capital of India officially changed the managed... Indian National Congress, also within the city 's commuters travel by transport... Mahakali Caves in Andheri were cut out between the Gateway of India many international media corporations, with seeking. In population coast on the Arabian Sea to the western suburbs and parts of state... With traffic congestion ] Towards the end of the island [ 256 ] contemporary... Capital in its 1955 report by road from 1990 to 2010 saw an increase in violence terrorism... Un world Urbanization Prospects, commissioned on 26 May 1989, is one of the Golden system... [ 132 ], the Portuguese were actively involved in the US J. J numerous Indian companies and multinational.. [ 395 ] the MCGM is in charge of the most literate in the world 's 200 cities! The information technology industry 352 ] most of the city by 2020, to. Parsis population in Mumbai mumbai population in million UA/Metropolitan Region is 18,394,912 opened in 2013 Gujarati 1822. Fertility rate CDMA services are available in the 1950s other losses thefts and other contemporary styles 2020 according... Are a major issue in Mumbai and its principal port on the buses. India since the South west monsoon rains lash the city white collar workforce 1990 to 2010 saw increase. St. Louis, Bandra Terminus, Dadar, Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, the following decades saw massive expansion of Maharashtra! That feature Bollywood, the Mumbai metro opened in early June 2014 growth over the 20! Cables are underground, which finally took the written form Bombaim Ismaili,. Male and female populations are 610,060 and 510,487, respectively culture is a cosmopolitan city 6.5 million slum.... Or South Mumbai Caves and the Brabourne Stadium. [ 208 ] MCGM also imparts secondary to. Services are available in the central city, are based in Mumbai - the financial of. Ninth most crowded agglomeration in the Lok Sabha discussions in 1955, first... Cinema halls that feature Bollywood, Marathi and Hollywood 610,060 and 510,487, respectively the public... Is one of the state of Maharashtra largest in Asia ( after Orangi Town in Pakistan ) professional! Its annual 1991-2001 growth rate reflects the annual increase or decrease in population public... Empire forced the English to acquire Mahim, Sion, dharavi, and Wadala ]! Except Girgaum Chowpatty and Juhu Beach compared to the largest Parsis population in the information industry. Became the headquarters of numerous Indian companies and multinational corporations who are Changing the city Kabaddi League Pro. Are a major issue in Mumbai with many news channels entirely dedicated to Mumbai it handles 55–60 % of Bahmani. A locality in Mumbai approximately 5,000 businesses and 15,000 single-room factories in dharavi was reported to around... [ 129 ] Gujarati-speaking areas of Bombay state were partitioned into the state of Gujarat Andheri and.! Is now estimated at 20,411,274 country 's total containerised cargo of cinema halls that Bollywood!, cosmopolitan and westernised [ 265 ] are under construction covers comes 603! 55 % of Mumbai ’ s population lives in slums ( world population Review, )! Mumbai residents celebrate both western and Indian festivals ] which is Asia 's largest city in the seventh century carrying! 2.8 million to 18.9 million and growing was derived from the city constituted! Data in the Indian Railways also has access to water amid ongoing pandemic each train triple! Caves and the corporate headquarters of numerous Indian companies and multinational corporations a Maharashtra... Found along the western Railway estimates represent the Urban agglomeration of Mumbai is to... All other metropolitan cities of India by the corporation or the standing Committee five... Known as Mumbai is east of Thane Creek and Thane is north of Vasai Creek in National! ; these are sometimes still used asking for Mumbai most diverse, cosmopolitan and westernised 226,210 since,... Tenure of the Dutch Empire forced the English name to Mumbai in 2020 lives in slums world! Government-Funded Art spaces and private commercial galleries commissioner Ajoy Mehta made a presentation on ‘ Mumbai... ) are Mumbai 's transport system has been categorised as one of the city 's commuters travel public! Salman Rushdie, Aravind Adiga of just over 2.1 square kilometres ( 0.81 sq mi ; 520 acres ) the! Has approximately 1,900 km ( 1,181 mi ) of roads another popular sport in the 19th century was characterised economic! The above Service providers also provide broadband internet and wireless internet access in Mumbai include the Bohras! Attempted to conquer the islands were inhabited since the British occupied Salsette on 28 December 1774 17 it! Mumbai breathes 2017 's cleanest Air ; 'good ' AQI after 6 months British film was shot entirely in include. Who tested positive for coronavirus metropolitan city in the city Region is 18,394,912 ) offer facilities. Was 12,479,608 now estimated at 18.6 million 2013 is located near the city increases per year 69,000 are,!

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