Care Placement Provides Help for Seniors with Assisted Living or Board and Care Options in Southern California

Client Testimonials
Dear Ken,

A short time ago you and your staff helped me locate accommodations for my Dad, Paul. The homes you suggested were wonderful. Unfortunately my father passed away in April, but during his brief stay, I found the care he received was better than I think he could have received anywhere. The caregivers were excellent. Thank you for the recommendation and I wholeheartedly support recommending you to anyone else in similar need.

Sincerely Yours,
Bill Ewens
Other Health Care Issues for Elderly

San Diego Care Placement's services are free for seniors.

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  • What about incontinence?
    Most facilities are willing to care for bladder and/or bowel incontinence. Usually there is an additional charge of around $300/month and the resident or family must provide supplies.

  • My mother uses a wheelchair. Will that be a problem? No. However some facilities may not have wide enough doorways or halls for a wheelchair. Seniors using walkers or wheelchairs must go to a facility licensed for non-ambulatory residents. People using canes are considered ambulatory.

  • Can a Board & Care or Assisted Living Facility provide diabetes care like special diets or insulin injections?
    Most places can accommodate special diabetes diets. If the senior needs help with insulin injections they MUST be in a facility with a licensed nurse on staff. San Diego Care Placement knows where these places are! Self-care insulin dependant residents, however, can be at most any facility.

  • Grandpa needs hospice care? Does that limit my choices? Yes, but San Diego Care Placement knows which facilities are licensed for Hospice care.

  • What about seniors with HIV, AIDS, or Hepatitis C?
    These potentially contagious diseases require many additional precautions by care givers and facility administrators. State licensing is quite strict and may limit options considerably.

  • My Grandmother has a small dog she just HAS to keep! Call us. We know which facilities allow pets. Usually a deposit is required.

  • I have a specific issue not covered here. Will you help? Yes! We understand there are many health related issues. Also you may have personality, religious or ethnic issues or preferences. You will find the staff at San Diego Care Placement eager to answer your questions! We care and we can help!

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