Omg it was 51 F at Horseshoe Overlook and Uncle told me I was going to "freeze my acorns off" while I was wearing the winter gunslingers outfit because Javier told me I looked cold just a few minutes earlier. I'm getting the same glitch. During specific story events, Arthur will have visions of two different animals, a wolf is he's dishonorable and deer if he's honorable. It's got the point now where I can't even have normal conversations with camp members without them bringing up how hot/cold I am. Micah Bell may be the villain of Red Dead Redemption 2, but judging from John Marston's actions in both the original Red Dead Redemption and its sequel, it appears John may not be much better than him.. We're in shady bell, it's about 80-90° and i keep getting scolded that I'm gong to "catch a chill" or "freeze dressed like that". Thank you for posting this. An eagle-eyed Reddit user discovered a new detail in Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2, where Arthur silently counts bullets as he reloads his gun. Or does it sound like my game is bugged? Arthur is the protagonist of Red Dead Redemption 2, and as a result he has relationships with important characters, as well as numerous other minor characters in the story.He also gains new relationships throughout his journey. I've been having this same glitch since chapter 4. Thought it was pretty bizarre lol. It's really annoying having them be like "Aren't you cold wearing just that?" It was annoying from start to finish. I came here specifically to see if others were experiencing this as well or if I was going crazy! On Xbox X and I’m also experiencing this issue. level 1. What annoys me is the updates ruin games that are otherwise good. RDR2 main male characters gender-swapped rdr2 red dead redemption 2 faceapp gender swap arthur morgan dutch van der linde micah bell charles smith javier escuella sean macguire josiah trelawny lenny summers hosea matthews john marston Besides, the latest update took forever to install and we got this? Rockstar has a pretty good habit when it comes to main characters. and it took what it sought. The end of RDR2 shows the strong bond between them two, as Arthur basically sacrifices himself for John (although due to the TB he was going to die soon anyway), so I was curious if John brings him up in the first game, and it's honestly been years since I played RDR1 so I can't remember too many specific details. Hello, I'm in the middle of a frustrating relationship with my camp members right now, specifically at shady bell. but it left a passage of new life, cut into fresh wounds to open eyes. After the conclusion of the Main Story, the player character will shift from Arthur Morgan to John Marston. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. 2.4k votes, 292 comments. It's because of the RDO update and "Christmas clothes" but it's really pissing me off, like I'm dressed in the warmest shit available complete with warm vest, ram shotgun coat and warm moccasins and there's someone dressed in a pair of long John's saying I'm gonna freeze my acorns off. Cookies help us deliver our Services. 141k members in the RDR2 community. So much that recently Rockstar decided to launch Red Dead Online as a separate experience from RDR2, which means you can now buy the online version of the game for only $5. ", yeah I noticed that as I was playing it. Arthur and Sadie were companions and good friends. The game was not telling me Arthur was cold, but I am wearing an outfit "suited for cold weather", so I tried to ignore it. Ah was that the newest one for rdo? Red Dead Redemption 2 's protagonist, Arthur Morgan, is a fascinating character study. I'm glad to find this comment so recent as same position as you